Sunday, February 27, 2011

Let it Begin....

 So I have been told many many times by people that I should start a blog with all the crafts and sewing I do. I have been able to battle off the idea with the fact that I am always busy... I love doing crafty things... especially creating something new out of something old but I thought that starting a blog would turn it into more of a chore that a hobby.... I have said that I just don't have the time or even motivation that i felt I would need to actually create a blog worth reading.... I will never be able to tell anyone why I feel that now....when I have a super energetic almost two year old.... while I am 8 1/2 months pregnant.... When I feel my life is more chaotic then it has ever been... Why is it that I feel that NOW is a good time to start my Blog. Maybe I finally just run out of excuses....... I guess I shouldn't question myself and just do it.
SO..... Here is the very first post.... to hopefully many many posts that are to come of all my crafts and sewing projects. Hopefully this is going to inspire someone to pull out that dusty sewing machine, recycle old things and to start creating a little more.

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