Monday, February 28, 2011

How to Make a Flower

So I love making things that will embellish an item to make it look that much more special....  And these flowers are so easy and will add just the right touch to any project that will make it look like you got it from a high end boutique..... so this is what you do......

First off find the right fabric. Test a small part of the fabric with a lighter to make sure you can burn the edges... Once you found it you are good to go. 
Cut out shapes that look like peanuts or the number 8 (see picture below)... you can make these skinny or fat or long or short... it's really up to you on what kind of look you are going for.... you can also do just a few  of every size or you can go crazy and make it a really full flower.... I did about 4-5 petals of each size and I made four differt sizes.... obviously each size is just a tab smaller than the one before... (see picture)
Next.... I made a thin ribbon like strip of the fabric and I just twirled it together till I made a small rose like bud... This is going to be the center of your flower. Hold the bud together..... Now simply take the flame and slightly singe the edges. You will notice that the edges become somewhat stiff and will now hold in place. I decided to singe the back of the bud as well so that way the back held into place...
Then I took every petal that I cut out and I singed the edges as well... You will notice that the edges will curl slightly.... (This is a good thing)

Here is what my Bud and petals looked like when I was done singing the edges.... (see picture below)

Then take two petals at a time and sew them together... Make sure you start with the smaller petals and hand sew them onto the bud.

As you add more petals make sure you rotate them and  put them in the empty spots... "fill in all the windows"
After you have all the small petals sewn on start adding the larger ones till you have all the petals sewn on. You can even add a leaf if you desire.

Hooray! You now have an absolutely beautiful flower that will look gorgeous on so many different things.... I made this one for our soon to be Baby London's first Sunday dress. ( I will post the dress in the next few posts... its still a work in progress) and I made an extra flower so I can tack  it onto a headband so I can cover up that sure to be bald head she will most likely have.

P.S:   Here are the two different flowers... The one on the right I did with longer and wider petals and I added a lot less.... The one on the left (is the one in the tutorial) I made a whole bunch of petals. They were also smaller and skinny so the flower came out pretty full looking compared to the other... I did this so you can see the difference it can make just from the way and the amount of petals you cut out. I love both the looks.  But you decide what look you like. And of course they can always be even more extreme. Happy Crafting!

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