Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Refashion Old T-Shirt into Newborn Green Cardigan

I wish I took a picture of this Green T-Shirt that I had before I cut it all up but..... my scissors got carried away.... or i guess I should admit that I got carried away... but once I get an idea in my head of what I want to do I justget so excited and go for it.... The shirt was a very simple cap sleeve basic T... nothing special but it had a great fit and I loved it.... but alas it was put into the dryer with Chapstick... Sad Sad Day....  Not only for the Shirt and all my other clothes that were in there but for the poor Burts Bees Chapstick... That's good stuff and should never go to waste.
Anyways I have a little new born on her way that is sure to be here very soon and I have been having so much fun lately making my little Reagan clothes that I have failed to start making clothes for our soon to be Baby London... But now that Ive started its going to be hard to stop. Reagan was only 5lb 11 oz when she was born and it was hard to find anything that fit her for the first few months of her life.... We are assuming London is gonna be a wee peanut as well so I'm making teeny tiny clothes and its so fun... I feel like I making clothes for a doll. 
Pre-warning: The lighting kept changing so almost every picture looks like the fabric is a different color... 

Well like I said...I started sewing this before I remembered to take pictures so here is a walk through but the pictures are not going to be too detailed in the steps I took. 
First off I decided to keep the seam of the shirt that was already there... this feels like it cuts the sewing time in half. I just cut out the shape for the back of the Shirt and then cut out Two front panels. (as shown below)  I folded them over and decided on a fun leaf stitch that I have on my sewing machine. I had never used it before since this is a new machine for me.... So it was a ton of fun to see it go to use. I simply sewed the top of the shoulders together and the sides... then I folded the collar and used the same stitch.

I then cut out the sleeves... Once again I used the seam that was at the bottom of the shirt to save time... then I basted a stitch  and pulled to create a gather at the top of the sleeve....  (as shown below)

Here you see below on the left that  I used the leaf stitch to add more decorative stitching to the cardigan....

On the Right is a picture of me sewing the gathered sleeve onto the body of the cardigan.

I then made a few roses to embellish the Cardigan to make it unique .... To do this you just cut out ribbon like strips of the fabric and twirl them together to make a rose bud.... then I flipped the flower over and tacked it together....

I made five rose buds and then set them on the cardigan to see how I wanted them place.... once I pinned them onto the exact spot I wanted them I then hand stitched them onto the cardigan.... Now I have a cute cardigan to keep my baby warm.... and stylish...

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