Monday, March 14, 2011

Child Polka Dot Shirt Refashioned from Adult Shirt

I absolutely loved this turquoise polka dot shirt.... But unfortunately it shrunk and was too short.... but I could never get myself to get rid of it... Good thing I didn't because now I have an adorable shirt for Reagan. Here is a step by step of how I refashioned this adult shirt to fit a toddler. Hope you are getting ideas of ways to make clothes for your little ones out of recycled clothing... send me a picture of anything you have done... Id love to see it.

I just cut the top of this shirt off so that it was the legth that I wanted for my little girl...

I then flipped it around and made the elastic hem of the bottom of the shirt now become the top of the shirt ...

I took the sides in  and hemmed the bottom of the shirt

I cut strips of fabric from the extra material from the adult shirt folded and ironed creases into the soon to be straps....I sewed down the creases of the straps and then I attached them to the top of the shirt.

I wanted to add a flower to embellish the shirt so I took a strip of white fabric ribbon and twirled it.( If you don't have fabric ribbon just cut a long strip of whatever fabric you would like to use....)

Then I coiled the ribbon till it made a flower and I tacked the coils together in the back with a needle and thread to hold it together...And attached it to the shirt... 

Then the shirt was done... It was so very easy and I got a super cute Refashion. 


  1. Holly,

    I'm so impressed with these refashion projects! I love them all and am inspired. Maybe I'll have to try to make some things for M out of somethings I've been planning on getting rid of. I'll try following your tutorials, but since I am not a seamstress I may have to call you sometime :) Anyways just had to tell you that your blog is going to be really fun. Love the name and the cute fonts. Good job!!!