Friday, March 4, 2011

Child Tank Top Refashioned from Adult Tank Top


Today was such a beautiful day that it made me so excited for summer.... I became inspired to start making some clothes for Summer.... Here I give you a step by step on what I did in order to convert this Adult tank top into a childs Summer Tank. I just love this fabric. 

First thing I did was cut the length of the shirt into a lenght that would fit my little one.... I decided to keep the bottom hem for two reasons. 1.) It had adorable lace that I wanted to keep and
2.) It made it so I didnt have to make a new hem... saving me a lot of time.

 I cut out the built in bra... I put it in my supply of fabric.... I am always in need of some good elastic and it will come in handy for another project sometime in the future.

I cut off the straps

 And I cut off the back and the front of the shirt above the empire waist.... I took the back section and  kept it the same length  because I decided to make the back of the shirt shire and it will shrink down almost half the length once I put in the elastic..... How you do that is you hand wind your bobbin with elastic thread and lower your upper tension a tiny bit.... then you sew parallel lines all along the fabric you wish to shire....

Once you finish all the lines you need to pull the elastic string (bobbin string) in order to make gathers... this will create a fun texture, give your outfit a little more personality, plus it will give it a bit of stretch.

Iron the gathers down before you sew it onto the shirt.

I wanted to give the front of the shirt a little flair so I added pleats in the front.

I then basted the pleats into place and then attatched the front and back together. 

Then I attatched the top of the shirt to the bottom of the shirt  that I gathered.

Once they were connected I took out all my pins and the shirt was almost done....

I put the straps back onto the shirt but shortened them so they were now the perfect length for little miss Reagan. 
Reagan loved the shirt.... She actually said "pretty" when she put it on..... And since today was such a beautiful day we went outside in the back of the house to play and I snapped a few pictures so you could see the new shirt in action.


  1. LOVING this blog Holly! I am learning so much!

  2. very cute dress and loved the idea.