Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

Like I said before...  I love the Thrift Store. I thought Id show you some of the wonderful finds I had on my last trip there....
 This I am really excited about.... I found a TON of commercial size rolls of  Elastic... Ribbons.... and clasps..... Everything was 50cents each.... The Black Elastic Spool alone has a price tag on it saying it was sold for $2.75 a yard and it has over 145 yards left on it. and I am so excited about the clasps... I'm planning to make a baby carrier soon and they are exactly what I was looking for....
 I just LOVE thick and chunky frames like this ... but they are usually an arm and a leg to buy from a frame store..... Especially one this size. This beauty only put me back $3.00 and I know just what picture I'm going to put in it.

 I saw this sheet for $1 and had to buy it. I just love the lace detail and I cant wait to make Reagan a dress out of it... but since its a whole sheet I could make a dress for all the kids in the neighborhood as well... or maybe not....but I'm sure you get the point..... its A LOT of fabric for just $1
I have been looking for a pair of cowboy boots for Reagan and these are perfect and  for only $2 I couldn't pass them up. 

So all in all.... It was a great day at the Thrift Store and I cant wait to put all these things to use. 


  1. I believe it is 11x13 or something close to that.

  2. Dang I need to do some more thrift store shopping!

  3. Me too! Gosh we are there on the same days. You must have come after me b/c I got a ton of that jersey tape and three whole roles of zipper! Yellow and blues. That is so so funny!!! The first picture in this post I could totally recreate! :) Love all the stuff your making. :)