Saturday, March 5, 2011

No More Junk ( hopefully )

So one of my biggest pet peeves that my husband does is.... at the end of every single day... he emptys his pockets out on our dresser.... I mean chap stick, change, receipts, scraps of paper, business cards, and whatever other crazy thing he put in them through out the day... Everything just ends up in a pile.... never to be touched again until it starts to take over the whole entire top of the dresser.... Then at that point I get so fed up with how big the pile is getting that I finally give in and clean it up myself. So today after cleaning up yet another pile.... I decided to be cleaver and make a fancy little box that I put in this "dump spot" where he can empty his pockets all he wants but it will be hidden from my sight
. I found this old wine box and I used some scrap booking paper that I had and a button and made the box look a little more presentable. Im hoping this will actually work and hide all my Hubbys pocket junk. I guess only time will tell.

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